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The Jessie Scouts - An Historical Novel
By David L. Phillips

They were normally called "Sheridan's Scouts" by the Union soldiers serving in the Shenandoah Valley during the summer of 1864, but they were also known as "Jessie Scouts" by the Confederates opposing Sheridan's army.  While the original Jessie Scouts were formed in St. Louis in 1861 -- and named for Jessie Fremont -- these men came east with General John C. Fremont when he was transferred to command in western Virginia in early 1862.  But regardless of the name they were called, these volunteer soldiers served Sheridan well by collecting military intelligence regarding General Jubal A. Early's opposing Confederates. more...

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The Flying Gray-Haired Yank

The Flying, Gray-Haired Yank
By Michael Egan with Introduction
by David L. Phillips

The Flying, Gray Haired-Yank or The Adventures of a Volunteer. A personal, narrative of the thrilling experiences as an Army Courier, a Volunteer Captain, a Prisoner of War, a Fugitive from Southern dungeons, a guest among the Contrabands and Unionists, and finally, a Skirmisher at the very front at Appomattox.  more


  Heros and Heroines

Confederate Heroes and Heroines
By William Woods Hassler

Confederate Heroes and Heroines is the answer to the younger generation’s call for a collection of biographical sketches about Civil War celebrities through whose experiences they can relive this dramatic period of the American Civil War. more…


By Robert and Mary Lee Scalf

This is the story of part of the Civil War as seen through the eyes of a young man who served as a volunteer in the Union Army. Leander Cocker may have been any seventeen year old soldier at the outbreak of hostilities, but his head wound at Gettysburg resulted in the loss of his ability to speak coherently. He was a silent witness to many events as several mysteries began to unravel in the oil boom town where he resided.   more…


Plagued By War

Plagued By War - Winchester, Virginia During the Civil War
By Jonathan A. Noyalas

Winchester’s Civil War record has no equal. The town changed hands more times than any other town (seventy-two) and witnessed scores of battles, skirmishes, and raids. Situated in Virginia’s Lower Shenandoah Valley, Winchester thrived as a business community prior to the American Civil War. All of the area’s major roads and railroads converged on the town.  more…

Romney, WV

The Devastating Hand of War – Romney, West Virginia During the Civil War
By Richard A. Sauers

The small town of Romney, West Virginia, occupied a strategic location in the West Branch Valley of the Potomac River. From 1861 to 1865, Romney was the center of activity for military operations initiated by Union and Confederate forces.  This book, for the first time, examines in detail t he town's role during the Civil War.  The site of numerous skirmishes and engagements, Romney was equally important to both sides throughout the war. more…

Tiger John

Tiger John: The Rebel Who Burned Chambersburg
By David L. Phillips

The military biography of John McCausland has essentially been overlooked by Civil War historians, but he was a significant officer in the Confederate army who fought throughout the war for the state he loved more than country, Virginia. Though born in
St. Louis, he was orphaned early in life and lived with his widowed aunt in what was to become West Virginia during the Civil War.  more…

Turn Them Out To Die Like Mules

Turn Them Out To Die Like A Mule
By John N. Henry
Edited by John Michael Priest

The Civil War Letters of John N. Henry.  September 1861 - June 1865. Letters and diary. Forty-ninth New York Infantry and hospital steward in various VI Corps hospitals in northern Virginia. Duty around Washington. D.C.; the Peninsular campaign; Antietam: Fredericksburg; Chancellorsville; the Gettysburg campaign; the Bristoe campaign; Rappahannock Station; the Mine Run campaign; the Virginia campaign, including The Wilderness.  more...

War Diaries

War Diaries – The 1861 Kanawha Valley Campaigns
By David L. Phillips

The story of the American Civil War has been told by many and in several different ways. In War Diaries, Dave Phillips presents the story from the perspective of the participants. Christopher Tompkins, Confederate Colonel, Jacob Cox, Union General and Tompkins opponent, Isaac Smith a Confederate Major who served with Tompkins and Ellen Tompkins, wife to the colonel, prisoner of the general.  more…

War Stories

War Stories: Civil War in West Virginia
By David L. Phillips

West Virginia was born during the turmoil of the Civil War. Achieving statehood in 1863, the “Child of the Storm” provided troops for both Union and Confederate armies. Over 30,000 men left the western counties of Virginia to enter Federal regiments and they fought throughout the South. The Army of West Virginia was not a “sideshow” managed by incompetent officers.  At least one, Rutherford B. Hayes, achieved national prominence while serving with West Virginians and was later to be elected President.  more…


Old Alleghany - The Life and Wars of General Ed Johnson
By Gregg S. Clemmer

Ed Johnson is "one of the wickedest men I ever heard of," wrote a member of the Stonewall Brigade. Declared another, he is "a large and rather rough looking man on horseback ...whom the men jeered." Others recalled Johnson as an irascible character who "always carried a big hickory club or cane, and when he got mad could work his ears like a mule."  more…


Other Books

Haunted West Virginia

A Guide to Haunted West Virginia
By Walter Gavenda and Michael T. Shoemaker

Just about everyone likes ghost stories, even people who don’t believe in ghosts. Tales told by a campfire, or on a stormy autumn night huddled up to a warm fire, can send chills up the spine of the most hardened skeptic.  However, we hope to give you more than just a good scare.  Where appropriate, we have put all of our stories in proper historical perspective for these are more than tales told to while away the evenings.  We visited every site we write about.  After all, how could we guide you to a place we've never been?  

Haunted West Virginia
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Game Changers Going Local to Defeat Violent Extremists
BY: LTC (ret) D. Scott Mann Special Forces

Scott Mann, a retired Special Forces officer who is very experienced in unconventional warfare operations, managed the Village Stability Operation in Afghanistan that was generally based on a similar local defense program implemented in the early stages of the Vietnam War.  Mann makes his key points immediately in his excellent book, explaining forcefully and carefully that stability operations at the village level strengthened local governance in rural Afghanistan where insurgents using terrorist tactics operated with impunity.   Utilizing  the traditional Pashtun Arbakai System that provided a form of armed “neighborhood watch” under the control of tribal elders, Special Forces teams, often augmented by other Special Operations Forces and conventional units, quickly brought security to villages where elders requested them.  Highly successful, this innovative program began to run out of available Special Forces teams but is a model that needs to be studied and emulated in future counterinsurgency programs.  

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