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On Hazardous Service
By William G. Beymer
Illustrated By Howard Pyle And Others
Copyright 1912

    "It is a courageous, daring and clever lot of men and women we read about in William Gilmore Beymer’s book entitled “On Hazardous Service” – the spies and scouts of the civil war.  Of these heroes and heroines, some Southerners, some Northerners, Mr. Beymer gives us true stories obtained from original sources, so that it may be said his book is an important addition to the literature of the war, and also that it is a valuable contribution to the history of American bravery and patriotism."   

     Extract from the New York Times' Review. November 24th 1912.  To read the complete review and related information please see Jessie Scouts - Beymer




The Women of The Debatable Land
By Alexander Hunter
Illustrated By Miss Elizabeth C. Harmon
Copyright 1912

    The Debatable Land, an area in Northern Virginia known as "Mosby's Confederacy", Confederate Veteran, Alexander Hunter, writes of women serving the southern cause, of their loyalty, sacrifice, and intelligence activities.

     Read the chapter on the Jessie Scouts